According To The Deed Of Trust, “Furtherance And Advancement Of Knowledge, Academic Research And Social Work And Preservation Of National And Regional Cultural Heritage” Constitute The Objective Of Maharajadhiraja Kameshwar Singh Kalyani Foundation, Popularly Known As Kalyani Foundation. However, Due To The Lack Of Adequate Resources The Foundation Began The Following Activities At A Modest Scale Since 1996 :
  • Publication Of Very Old And Rare Books/Documents Of Historical Significance In Kameshwar Singh Bihar Heritage Series.
  • Organizing Kameshwar Singh Memorial Lecture Every Year.

Social Welfare Activities:

  • Distribution Of Clothes, Etc. To The Flood Affected People.
  • Giving Financial Assistance To The Downtrodden For The Treatment Of Their Eyes.
  • Granting Financial Assistance To People Of Dalit Sector For Their House Construction.
  • Distribution Of Blankets Among The Poorest In Winter.

We, over the time, have published several books of Historical, Cultural & Lingual importance.

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