The Kameshwar Singh Memorial Lecture Series

Lecture Series
Lecture Series

The Kameshwar Singh Memorial Lecture Series

An Introduction

The Foundation celebrates the Birthday of Maharajadhiraja Kameshwar Singh, the last Maharaja of Darbhanga, on 28 November every year.

The celebration is held in the premises of the Foundation, Kalyani Niwas, Kameshwar Nagar, Darbhanga, which is also the residence of Maharaniadhirani Kam Sundari. The Kameshwar Singh Memorial Lecture is delivered on this occasion by a scholar of National and International repute.

Lecture Series That Has Been
Conducted So Far

An Yearwise Description

In this series, the lectures have been delivered by the following intellectuals :

Year Description
2021 Shri Sankarshan Thakur : “Mithila’s Inalienable but Complex Relationship with Bengal”.
2020 Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra : “Nationalism in Indian Context : Historical Perspective”.
2019 Prof. Mahesh Rangarajan : “Nature and Nation : Ecology, Society and History in Contemporary India the Connection”.
2018 Prof. N. Jayram : “Indians in Trinidad’ to ‘Indo – Trinidadians’ : The Making of a Girmitia Diaspora, 1845 -1995”.
2017 Prof. Smritikumar Sarkar : “Environment and Society A Study of People’s Housing in India”.
2016 Prof. Harish Trivedi : “Living with Others”.
2015 Shri Govind Mishra : “हम जीना क्यों चाहते हैं?”.
2014 Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak : “Varna System of Mahatma Gandhi view’s of Dr. Ambedkar & the Sulabh way to resolve the caste question”.
2013 Dr. Purusottam Agrawal : “Anusandhan Apani Aadhunikta Ka”.
2013 Dr. Mohan Mishra : “An overview of Mithila”.
2012 Dr. Vashistha Narayan Jha : “Linguistic modeling of the universe : the world-view of the Nyaya-Vaisesika System of Indian Philosophy”.
2012 Shri D.N.Gautam : “Nyayashastra Ki Janam-Bhoomi me Navya-Nyaya Ki Sishu-Krira”.
2011 Dr. Dipankar Gupta : “ Demographic Indicators of Social Change : Indian Growth Story and the Role of Small Towns”.
2011 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bose : “Civil Society, Political Society and Citizenship in India”.
2010 Dr. K.L. Sharma : “Transformation of Caste System into “Caste” in Contemporary India”.
2009 Sri Muchkund Dubey : “Bihar : Vartaman Sthiti Aur Bhavishya”.
2008 Dr. Yogendra Singh : “Social Transformation”.
2007 Dr. Manager Pandey : “Bharat ke Parvarti Samanti Samaj me Sahitya ki Sanskriti”.
2006 Professor Sho Kuwajima : “The Contemporary History Which I have seen in India, Bihar and Japan”.
2005 Professor Satish Saberwal : “On the making of Muslims in India Historically”.
2004 Dr. D.K. Bhattacharya : “Emergence of Man and the Consequences of Change : A Case of India”.
2003 Dr. Namwar Singh : “Vartaman Dharm our Dharm Sankat”.
2002 Professor Andre’ Beteille : “Poverty and Inequality”.
2001 Dr. Amiya Kumar Bagchi : “What should be the Agenda of the State in India?”.
2000 Sri Bhagirath Lal Das : “Globalisation, Development, Poverty”.
1999 Dr. Ramawatar Yadav : “Maitili Linguistic Research : The State of the Art”.
1998 Professor Aniruddha Ray : “Transformation of Bihar : European Discourses (late 16th to early 19th century)”. Published as a book later on.
1997 Professor Sabyasachi Bhattacharya : “Reflections on the Concept of Regional History”.
Professor Surendra Gopal : “The Local, the Regional and the National : The Dynamics of History”.
1996 Professor Ramkrishna Mukherjee : ‘Caste in Itself’, ‘Caste and Class’, or ‘Caste in Class’ : A Brief Discussion of the Three Concepts in the Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in India.
Professor Binay Bhushan Chaudhuri : “Society and Culture of the Tribal World in Colonial Eastern India : Reconsidering the Notion of ‘Hinduization’ of Tribes”.
Dr. K.S. Singh : “Varna Ratnakara and its Ethnography”.

We, over the time, have published several books of Historical, Cultural & Lingual importance.

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