Maharani Kamsundari of Darbhanga

her Highness Maharaniadhirani Kam Sundari

Donor Trustee

She donated her entire collection of more than 11,000 Books, other than Sanskrit Manuscripts, Paintings, 12,000 Photographs, 18 (16 mm) Films (shot between 1932 and 1948 covering various socio-cultural events and the visits of several Viceroys, Governors and other Dignitaries of the Country and State), Old Gramophone Records and several pieces of nineteenth-century Furniture to the Foundation

Current Management

Ramchandra Jha

Pt. Shri Ram Chandra Jha

Member, Board of Trustees (Former V.C K.S.D.S.University, Darbhanga)
J K SIngh

Dr. J. K. Singh, Padmashree

Member, Board of Trustees
U N Jha

Shri Uday Nath Jha

Member, Board of Trustees
Shrutikar Jha

Shrutikar Jha

Executive Officer
Paras Nath SIngh

Paras Nath Singh Thakur

Librarian & Office in-charge

We, over the time, have published several books of Historical, Cultural & Lingual importance.

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